Sonfest Southport Music Festival will take place on 14th of July this year.

SonFest Southport 2019 Artist Line Up

We are delighted to now share with you our Artist Lineup for Sonfest Southport 2019. This is an exciting year for us especially because this will be the first time we are extending the day to include our youth event: Sonfest After Hours featuring Indie Pop band Brightline and with a blend soul, rap and beatbox Soul Box.

Sonfest Southport Music Festival

BandStart TimeEnd Time
Amplified11:00 am11:20 am
Zion11:40 am12:00 pm
Voices Beyond12:20 pm 12:50 pm
Vernon Fuller1:20 pm2:05 pm
Pyramid Park2:25 pm3:05 pm
Philippa Hanna3:45 pm5:10 pm

Sonfest After Hours

Brightline6:05 pm6:50 pm
Soul Box7:00 pm8:00 pm

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SonFest Southport 2019 will be hosted by

UCB Radio Presenter Gareth Cottrell

Welcome to SonFest Southport

We invite you to be part of something life-changing and even life-saving!

SonFest Southport is a free, Christian music festival that was created to share the life-changing, life-saving message of Jesus Christ with those who haven’t yet heard! We know there are many people who do not yet know the forgiving, accepting, merciful and unending love of God and we want to change that. We believe that message is more relevant today than ever before and as Christians, we are called to share this good news!

During SonFest Southport, you’ll experience a day filled with live music from a variety of artists who are all there to reach the unreachable and to present the Gospel in an exciting, welcoming style, and capturing the attention of passers-by who need to hear the promise of unconditional love, forgiveness, and hope!

Can you imagine hundreds of people from Southport churches worshipping together with reckless abandon, in the heart of our town, and passers-by witnessing this joy? Can you imagine someone feeling completely hopeless and finding themselves walking past and hearing a message of love, acceptance, and freedom; a message that they would not normally have the chance to hear? I can! That’s what SonFest Southport is all about – reaching those who won’t come to us. Being present in body and spirit, together, and watching God do what He does best – changing hearts of stone into hearts of flesh!

We need you there! We need to join together and lift up the name of Jesus in our town and allow God to move through us – changing and saving lives! I invite you to be part of something great – something right here, right now. Invite your family, invite your friends and invite your church. Together, we can be exactly who God has called us to be and our world can start changing for the better – one heart at a time!

Tina Powsey
SonFest Southport Founder

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