SonFest Southport held its first concert in September 2014 in the heart of Southport’s town centre. The festival was created to give visitors and residents the opportunity to hear the life-giving, life-changing message of Jesus Christ through live music.  SonFest Southport provides a day filled with great live music of a variety of styles from jazz to pop, to folk and to gospel and is complemented by a number of community partners and services.

 Live music offers people the opportunity to hear messages in a new, engaging way and it is my personal belief that words change lives – especially words of love, hope, forgiveness and grace. Attendance last year doubled its first year, as the location moved from the bandstand to Town Centre Gardens, in front of The Atkinson, in the middle of Lord Street.

 This year, we hope to welcome even more people, touching more hearts and changing more lives! Last year, break-through Christian artist Lily-Jo headlined SonFest Southport and this year, we are excited to welcome award-winning gospel sensation Philippa Hanna, along with a number of fabulous local and regional artists.

 Annually held the first Saturday in September, SonFest Southport is and will always be a free event, organised by local churches and sponsored by local businesses, as a gift to the community. SonFest Southport’s title sponsor, Fill the Gap Concerts, based in North Carolina, U.S.A., came to us in the very beginning through a common vision of sharing God’s word through live music. SonFest Southport and Fill the Gap Concerts enjoy a tremendous partnership and we welcome others who share this vision to get involved through either practical or prayerful support. Our prayer is to become the premier Christian festival in the Northwest of England, introducing people to the life-giving, life-changing message of Jesus Christ.