Vernon Fuller Worship Leader and Musician


Nigerian born but hailing from Manchester, up and coming artist ‘Zion’ (Kunmi Ogunsola ) is a singer/songwriter, musician and choir director whose approach to music has already positioned him as ‘one to watch’ amongst Christian music industry players. Zion’s musical journey started back in 2008 as part of his church worship team as a drummer. His leader recognised Zion’s vocal ability and gave him the opportunity to start leading worship.

From this point on Zion grew in his gift, taught himself how to play the keyboard and honed in his songwriting ability by combining his love for poetry and the melodies he was discovering on the keyboard.

His membership of a small Redeemed Christian Church of God parish in Manchester didn’t hinder his gift from making room for him as he has ministered at the largest Christian gathering in the UK, Festival of Life (FOL) and has been a backing vocalist for Lightchild.
Furthermore, hits like ‘Amen’ and ‘Captured My Heart’ have positioned him at various events and churches including Kingstock Festival, Croydon Festival, and Ignite fest at Audacious Church. 2019 has seen Zion secure a Premier gospel award nomination whilst also having the privilege of doing some work with the BBC.

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